Since 1992 we’ve provided over 25,000 individuals, employees, retirees and the
self-employed with cost-effective long-term care expense protection.

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70% of Americans

More than 70% of Americans over age 65 will require long term care at some point in their lives. According to 2018 statistics, from Price Waterhouse Cooper, 18% will need long term care for 5 years or more. Hopefully you know that long-term care insurance [LTCi] is the only insurance designed to pay long-term care [LTC] expenses for home health care, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. And that you know that Medicare, Medicare Supplements and health insurance do not cover long term care expenses.


Private Room

According to a Genworth 2018 survey, the cost for a private room in a Minnesota nursing home is over $122,000 per year. An assisted living facility charges more than $48,000/year and the cost of home health care is over $66,000/year without insurance. Most Americans cannot afford these services and as a result end up using their retirement savings and/or being a burden to their families.


Long Term Care

The need for LTC becomes more and more likely due to medical science continually conquering diseases that have until recently, been fatal. The likelihood of living until our bodies wear out and we become frail and need long-term care is increasing every year.


Team of Experts

Our expert consultants regularly evaluate long-term care insurance (LTCi) products and ways to pay for policies in the most cost-effective way. Both are essential to ensure that consumers like you make the right choices and get the best value.


Planning for the Future

Our firm’s knowledgeable consultants are ready to help with your long-term care insurance options, whether the best funding strategies are needed or advice about how to compensate for future cost increases. We can even offer multiple funding options for parents who can no longer qualify for insurance.


Financial Loses

The unfortunate truth is retirement savings, pensions, investments and the equity in your home is the course taken by 90% of those not on state welfare assistance to fund long-term care expenses. With the right insurance policy, these costs are paid without dipping into your retirement savings and you avoid having huge financial losses.

Call our long term care insurance agency and speak to one of our advisers. We will help you find a way to meet your long term care needs and consequently protect your assets.

Why You Need us as your
Long Term Care Insurance Agent

At Long Term Care Insurance Agent in Minneapolis, we understand LTC expense vulnerability. Let’s start with an important question: Why won’t you allow yourself to be without health insurance/Medicare/Medicare supplements? It’s because you know that one health care incident can wipe you out financially Long Term Care Insurance Agent in Minneapolis. This is exactly the reason you need long-term care insurance, one LTC incident can wipe you out financially.
With 25 year of experience we can provide you with the best insurance options and then guide you to the most cost effective way to pay your premiums.

You want to protect your assets from your anticipated expense for long term care

Without Long Term Care Insurance Agent in Minneapolis there is no way to protect your assets from future expenses for long-term care. Health insurance, Medicare nor Medicare supplements will pay for long-term care. Without a long-term care insurance policy, you will have to use your assets to pay for these services. With LTCi, you can avoid this trauma. When we talk we will discuss your goals and review policy options to find the most cost-effective ways to pay for this essential protection. Once you are comfortable with the coverage and insurance costs, we will help you apply for protection. If there are health issues that need pre-screening, we will gather the information and have it reviewed by the insurers’ underwriters to optimize having your policy issued. With more insurers entering the market, we have been able to secure coverage for applicants that had previously been declined coverage.

Long Term Care Insurance Agent in Minneapolis
Long Term Care Insurance Agent in Minneapolis

Few people are aware of all the options to
cost-effectively pay for Long-Term Care.

We will show you many LTCi coverage and premium options.

You can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or annually. The premium payments can last a lifetime until receiving LTCi benefits or you can pay off your policy in 10 or 20 years or even with a single payment.

Most people pay their LTCi premiums with after-tax dollars. We’ll work with you to review your options to reduce your net premium costs as an employee, retiree or business owner, even if self-employed. We’ll show you how unlimited monthly LTCi benefits can be traded for funds “trapped” in 401(k)s, IRA and 403(b)s or use your RMDs, reverse mortgages or proceeds from the sale of life insurance policies, even term life. Long Term Care Insurance Agent in Minneapolis

Schedule a phone appointment today so we can help you find the most cost-effective way to pay for your LTC insurance premiums.

We are experienced Long-Term Care Insurance Agents

We have been long term care insurance advisers for over 26 years. During this time, we have handled simple and complex long-term care solutions for our clients. Let us help you find the right solution for your needs.

Long Term Care Insurance Agent in Minneapolis

Please schedule a phone consultation time that works for you, send us an email or call us to find the most cost-effective ways to pay for LTC insurance

It is easier to qualify for long-term care Insurance than you may think

Conditions Considered that were once declined

Bipolar disorder, Cancer (in remission) – 6 months after completion of treatment, Chronic pain, Clotting disorders, Coronary heart disease – favorable risk factors, Diabetes (type 1 or type 2), kidney transplant or mild kidney failure, Narcotic pain medications currently in use, Mild to moderate Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Mild to moderate sleep apnea, Stroke or TIA (single episode) – after 6 months, Tobacco use with diabetes, COPD, CAD, CVD or Emphysema

Applications considered 6 months after these major health events

Carotid artery surgery, Heart Angioplasty, Heart attack, Heart bypass surgery, Heart valve replacement, Joint replacements (must be released from doctor’s care, no use of medical devices and attain normal activity level), Stroke, Surgical repair of aneurysm, Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)

Very liberal Height/Weight ratios

Height Max Weight Height Max Weight Height Max Weight
4' 10" 222#s 4'11" 230#s 5' 238#s
5' 1" 246#s 5' 2" 254#s 5'3" 262#s
5' 4" 270#s 5'5" 279#s 5'6" 288#s
5' 7" 296 #s 5'8" 305#s 5'9" 314#s
5' 10" 324#s 5'11' 333#s 6' 342#s
6' 1" 352#s 6'2" 362#s 6'3" 372#s
6' 4" 382#s 6'5" 392#s 6'6" 402#s

Short list of ineligible situations, medications and diseases

– Ineligible when using the following: Assisted living facility (including continued care requirement community or receipt of home care assistance), Cane (quad or 3-prong), Chair lift or stair lift, Dialysis, Oxygen, Defibrillator (qualifies for Annuity or Indexed Annuity Care no COB Rider), Medicaid coverage (not Medicare), Wheelchair, walker or scooter

Ineligible medications: Antabuse®, Aricept®, Artane®, Avonex® (if treatment for MS), Betaeron® (if treatment for MS), Campral®, Cogentin®, Cognex®, Comtan® (if treatment for MS), Copaxone® (if treatment for MS), Depade®, Donepezil®, Eldepryl® (if treatment for Parkinson’s), Excelon®, Fentanyl®, Galantamine®, Hydergine®, Interferon®, Larodopa®/L-Dopa (if treatment for Parkinson’s), Memantine®, Methadone®, Mirapex®, Namenda®, Namzaric®, Parlodel® (if treatment for Parkinson’s), Permax® (if treatment for Parkinson’s), Razadyne®, Reminyl®, ReVia®, Rivastigmine®, Sinemet® (if treatment for Parkinson’s), Suboxone®, Symmetrel® (if treatment for Parkinson’s), Vivitrol®

Ineligible conditions and diseases:  Activity of daily living deficits, Alzheimer’s/dementia/memory loss/ Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, HIV Positive, Huntington’s disease, Internal cancers (not cured or in remission) Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Non-ocular myasthenia gravis, Organic brain syndrome, Organ transplants (except kidney), Osteoporosis with compression fracture(s), Parkinson’s disease, Pregnancy (current)

Why You Should Call Us Now
For Your Long Term Care Insurance Needs

We are an experienced long term care insurance agency

We uniquely combine advice about what type of policy will meet your needs and the most cost effective way to pay the premium.
We have been a long term care insurance agency for over 25 years. During this time, we have handled many challenging circumstances for our clients. This experience prepares us to provide the right solution for you.

Long Term Care Insurance Agent in Minneapolis
Long Term Care Insurance Agent in Minneapolis

Worksite Programs from Long-Term Care Insurance of Minnesota

Participant Options:

  • Premium costs low enough to fit almost all budgets.
  • Relaxed underwriting for the health and/or weight challenged.
  • Benefits for those who don’t have LTC expenses.
  • Unlimited benefits that can never be outlived.
  • Premium rates that are guaranteed to never increase.
  • Benefits designed for those with uninsurable spouses.

Easily Administered:

  • Eligibility: All full-time and part-time employees, retirees and their spouses.
  • Employers can fund all or some premium for some classes of employees and not for others.
  • Premiums can be paid pre-tax from HSAs, saving about 40% vs paying with after-tax dollars.
  • Does not have to be payroll deducted.
  • On-site seminars, consultations during & after work.
  • Evening and weekend webinars and phone consultations for staff and spouses.

We will provide workable suggestions for your long term care insurance funding

If you get stuck and do not know how you will pay your annual long term insurance premiums, talk to us. We will provide workable suggestions that will help you to find cost effective ways to pay your premiums. For business owners, we can usually help you make your long term insurance premiums a deductible business expense.

The best time to get long term insurance coverage is now as your age plays a major role in the amount you will pay as a premium. The younger and healthier you are, the less you will pay. Do not wait until tomorrow as you premiums will be higher and you may not qualify medically.

You will not undergo a blood test to qualify for long term care insurance. All you will provide is access to your medical and pharmacy records as part of making application. We will guide you through the entire process.

In the event that you have not qualified for long term care insurance in the past, we may be able to help you. We have access to insurance with very liberal underwriting and have been able to help clients secure polices that had been declined in the past.

Long Term Care Insurance Agent in Minneapolis

Schedule a free, confidential, no obligation phone appointment now or call us so we can begin working together to protect you from the vulnerability of using your retirement assets to pay long-term care expenses. Come to enjoy the peace of mind from having unlimited monthly long-term care insurance benefits that you can never outlive.

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